helping you to get the most from your van rental.

1. What documents do I need to bring to hire?

A reasonably clean driving license. A photo card driving license. Two utility bills from your current address. Two forms of identification.

2. What do I do about fuel?

You must return the van with the same amount of fuel as when you collected it. We confirm this with you on collection.

3. Can I take your vans to the local rubbish tipping sites?

Yes you can! Please ensure that you take a copy of your hire agreement with you to show the staff at the site.

3. Can I smoke or vape in your van?

Unfortunately no. This is to ensure the cleanliness of the van and the health of passengers.

4. Can I travel Europe?

Our vans are not to be taken to mainland Europe. The hire agreement is for the UK only.

5. Is there a mileage restriction?

We have no restriction on mileage but we will ask you about the purpose and the distance of your hire duration. Ask at the time of booking.

6. Can I leave my vehicle with you?

Yes, we have a large FREE car park to make collection and drop-off easier for you.

7. Can I use my own insurance?

No, you have to use our van hire insurance to comply with the hire agreement.

8. What happens if I damage the van?

Please inform the Office as soon as possible and once you are safe to do so. We will advise you over the phone.

9. What goods can I transport?

Within reason, anything you wish. However, damage or replacement needed to the wood cladding in our vans will be charged for, so be careful!

9. Can I return the van early?

You can return the van early but that is your own discretion. The rental charge remains the same regardless of the length of time you use the van for.

10. Can I return on Saturday or Sunday evenings?

Yes, the Office is open for a short period on the weekend evenings. Please tell us about your requirements at the time of booking.

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